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Case Study

How Finansialku Gained 700K+ leads with Personalized Email Marketing

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About Finasialku


PT Solusi Finansialku Indonesia (Finasialku.com) is the one and only financial planning company that has educational portal, financial applications, and financial consulting in Indonesia.

The Challenges that Finansialku Faces


  • Adapt in this Pandemic Era
  • Content Innovation
  • Data Security & Privacy Issue
  • Customer Obsession (know what they needs)
  • Email Deliverability
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MTARGET Solution


  • Provide content associated to contact segmentation
  • Running contact filtering to ensure email delivery in the inbox
  • Using the email automation feature to generate more leads

How Did Finansialku Gained The Leads Effortlessly?

Learn How Finansialku Gained 700K+ Leads Effortlessly 

with Personalized Email Marketing Using MTARGET

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